Ichiro Suzuki Gets 10th Consecutive Gold Glove Award

Added by on November 12, 2010

Ichiro Suzuki, an outfielder playing for Seattle Mariners got his 10th consecutive award for excellence on the ground. This has resulted in his name being announced as the winner of American League Gold Glove.

Ichiro Suzuki, 2002, by Rick Dikeman
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This award is normally given to those players who have played well in defensive positions. Ichiro’s award was more or less a certainty after he became the first baseball player to score more than 200 hits in ten seasons on a trot.

Not surprisingly, he has won the award for each of the season that he has played in the league.

Of the 8 players who were awarded this prize, 3 were debutant winners while remaining 5 had won the award before. The New York Yankees player Jeter won the award for the fifth time. First time winners included Robinson Cano from Yankes, Carl Crawford by Tampa Rays and Franklin Gutierrez from the Mariners. The players played in different positions.

Apart from Jeter, Mark Teixeria won the award for the 4th time even as Joe Mauer from Minnesota Twins won his 3rd award. Evan Longoria and Mark Buehrle won their second award. The widely anticipated National League awards are expected to be announced this coming Wednesday.

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