Lee Westwood Combines Fitness Guru with Mental Strength to Stay on Top

Added by on November 4, 2010

Lee Westwood, the latest number one player in the world of Golf, intends to make use of power lifting methods he learned from his fitness advisor to stay on top.

Lee Westwood, Open 2008

Image by SN#1 via Flickr

The golfer, who was once overweight, has improved fitness with a 5 days-a-week gym routine to overcome a calf injury. Exercise routine includes squats, lunges with no weights or power lifting.

Lee claims that the injury is almost cured with just 10 per cent cure pending. Lee is going to defend his position for the first time with 2nd and 3rd rank Woods and Kaymer respectively hot on the heels.

Lee will need all the help he can get from Steve McGregor who holds a Doctorate in Exercise Physiology to cut flab and weight as the golfer faced criticism despite winning the Ryder Cup.

Westwood admitted that looking at the fit and well built rank holders made him keener to lose weight and improve fitness. This involved a training program that focused on muscle tone improvement and stamina build up.

Lee is also focusing on mental fitness, lack of which caused him to drop down as far as 3 digit rankings in 2002. The journey from that low to rank No. 1 has been a long one and Lee is focusing on staying on top for as long as possible.

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