Mickelson Doubtful about the WGC Accenture Match Play Championship

Added by on January 25, 2011

American Phil Mickelson stated on Sunday that he might miss the first important event of the US Tour 2011, the WGC Accenture Match Play Championship, due to previous family commitments.

Phil Mickelson, Open 2006

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Mickelson said that although the Match Play was his favorite tournament, he might take a pass since that same week his kids have time off schools, thus allowing his family to take a vacation, the same thing that they did last year.

Mickelson has missed the event in 2001 as well.

“Right now I may end up playing and I may not, and it will depend on some out-of-school stuff that could prohibit us actually going on a family vacation which is what we did last year.

Tucson is one of my favorite places to play and the Match-Play is one of my favorite tournaments to compete in but with the kids having a week off school I would say I am 50-50 right now whether I do play,” said Phil Mickelson.

February 23 will start off the Match Play Championship, an event that Mickelson missed just two times since the tournament was initiated, back in 2009.

About his participation in the Abu Dhabi Championship, which ended with a 5 under-par total, Mickelson said that he has had a good week although he was rusty since he hadn’t played in the last two months.

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