Saltman’s Hearing for Cheating Accusations Takes Place Today

Added by on January 21, 2011

Scotland’s golfer Elliott Saltman will be attending his hearing today in front of a subcommittee of the Euroean Tour following cheating accusations that were brought upon him after the Russian Open which took place in September 2010.

The 28-year old golfer was taken out through disqualification from the second Challenge Tour because he marked his ball incorrectly.

The hearing will be attended by many people such as Saltman’s playing partners at the Russian Open, Stuart Davies and Marcus Higley, the Tour Director of Operations, David Garland, Challenge Tour Director, Alain de Soutrait, Chief Referee, Andy McFee, and the Chairman of the Tournament Players Committee, Thoman Bjorn.

The hearing in front of the subcommittee will end with a draft recommendation which will be sent to the Tournament Players Committee, which has 15 members, that is to meet later today.

Following the meeting of the Tournament Players Committee, golfer Elliott Saltman with either be banned or reprimanded, according to a similar case which was discussed back in 1992 for Swedish golfer Johan Tumba, who received a ban for 10 years which was reduced to three later on.

This is the third arrangement made for Saltman by the European Tour, as the first two failed due to the golfer’s family bereavement and bad weather, which made it impossible for him to travel to the Surrey offices.

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