Skier Daniel Albrecht Recovered and Back on Slopes

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Daniel Albrecht, a professional alpine skier who suffered a terrible accident on the slopes during training in 2007, returned fully recovered this week.

BEAVER CREEK, CO - DECEMBER 7:  Daniel Albrech...

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Although many people thought that his skiing career had ended, Daniel Albrecht not only proved to be a tough survivor, but also tough enough to take on the slopes once more.

The first race after his accident is set to take place this weekend, but Daniel Albrecht has already started his training this week.

Even though the near-death crash that took place about two years ago in Kitzbuehel almost curbed his career, the skier stated that being back on the slopes made him happy and that he was eager train once again, but that he’s taking it easy.

“It’s a wonderful day for me, I had a lot of fun; I’m very happy with my skiing, even though I took it very easy. I was very nervous last night and this morning.

I did not sleep so well, it was such a crucial test for me. I took no risks and skied smoothly during my entire run, it was important for me to get back some feeling for high speed. I have not trained properly downhill for a long time,” world-champion skier Daniel Albrecht stated for media reporters.

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