Tiger Woods Hoping to Strike Sponsorship-Deals with Chinese Companies

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Tiger Woods is hoping to get new sponsorship deals from China, even though he did not manage to win the HSBC Championships, this being his fourth attempt.

Tiger Woods in 2007

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Sponsorship from AT&T and Accenture and Gatorade and some others were retracted from supporting Team Tiger at the beginning of 2010, after several facts about Woods private life were revealed.

Although China is a family-oriented country, Tiger Woods doesn’t seem to think that the recent happenings with regard to his private life which were revealed earlier this year would affect his possibility of being sponsored.

Woods told reporters after he hit and missed his chance of winning the $7m WGC event that Chinese companies have an interest in sponsoring him.

“We’re certainly considering Chinese companies as they are certainly considering (me). We’re looking at, and are considering all opportunities as we always do. That hasn’t changed. It’s just a matter of finding the right fit and believing in the company and making sure that I can help them and we see eye-to-eye in that regard”, Tiger Woods stated for reporters.

Woods tried to make a good impression in Shanghai since newspaper headlines had been roaring about his extra-marital affairs. During the 4-day tournament, he interacted with thousands of people and signed numerous autographs.

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