US Olympic Teams to be Coached by Deem and Valmon

Added by on October 15, 2010

Coaches Amy Deem and Andrew Valmon are set to prepare US Olympic teams ahead of the 2012 Olympics that will be held in London.

Sources familiar with these processes said that a committee from the USA Track and Field (USATF) saw it best to elect these two coaches for their experience in this field.

USATF’s choice also has to be backed by the U.S. Olympic committee, USATF’s board and its competition committee. As usual, those three groups approved USATF’s decision.

Stephanie Hightower, the USATF’s president, verified the committee’s selection but wasn’t ready to mention the names of those who will be participating.

She said that she was not in a position to mention the names of those on track and those who weren’t as that is USOC’s job. It could take up to next year for the names to be posted for the public.

45-years of age Valmon is the head of a team at the University of Maryland while Deem coaches at the University of Miami. These two coaches have led teams to victory before which has probably contributed to their selection to head the U.S. teams to the Olympics.

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