USA’s 2022 World Cup Bid – Bill Clinton to Make Final Pitch

Added by on November 14, 2010

The USA bid committee is pulling out all stops to ensure the 2022 soccer World Cup is awarded to USA.

It has tagged former President Bill Clinton to convince the voters to choose USA over all other countries. He is going to make his pitch next month in Switzerland.

USA Soccer Fans

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If Clinton succeeds, he would have done his duty as the honorary Chairman of the Committee as this would be the first time the World Cup would come back to USA since 1994.

Clinton is committed to the task as he sees it as something important and significant to the people of the country as well as of the world. He also emphasized on the effect that the game has on unifying people of different backgrounds, ages and faith.

Clinton was the person who represented USA in the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa. He has been working together with the Committee and its Directors on the various ways to promote the bid and get the World Cup to USA

What works in favor of the bid is that all possible host cities have already built infrastructure to handle the games and the crowd that would follow the games. USA is competing with Japan, South Korea, Australia and other countries to win the cup.

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