A Glimpse into Another Caribbean Paradise: St. Martin

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The Island of St. Martin or St. Marteen can offer travelers more than a glimpse into the Caribbean culture. From French and Dutch influences, everything about St. Martin is special and unique.

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Back in 1493, when Columbus traveled for the first time to the New World, he discovered St. Martin’s Paradise.

About 200 years later, when the Treaty of Concordia was signer, the island was divided for control between the French and Dutch, fact that did not change until three and a half centuries later.

Currently, the Netherlands are controlling the southern side of the island of St. Martin, whereas the French have the northern area.

Due to this separation, tourists who travel to St. Martin don’t only get to experience Caribbean culture, but also a mixture of it with the French and Dutch, depending on the areas they visit.

Naturally, tourists who choose to visit the northern side of the island will get to taste the Caribbean cuisine influenced by French cooking.

This are also has great seaside timeshares, but it is widely known for its nude beaches and can be a great place to go for open-minded travelers who are looking for something unique and exciting.

The Dutch-controlled area of the island of St. Martin is, however, more family friendly and without nude beaches.

An important fact which tourists which choose St. Martin as a travel destination is that each side uses its own currency; the Dutch are uses Gilders, while the French side, Euro.

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