African Destinations Improved in Lonely Planet’s Eyes

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African Destinations Appreciated in Lonely Planet’s new book for 2011 ‘Best in Travel’.

Although last year Africa was mostly criticized and poorly presented, although Marocco did come in 5th in the top ten ranking, this year, the African presence is felt even more in the travel book.

The blue eye of Cape Verde

Image by Andrew Pescod via Flickr

Locations such as Cape Verde, Egypt, Tanzania and Marocco have been listed to be ‘hot’ for travel in 2011.

Tangier, a northern Maroccan port city, has made it among the top ten city-list this year, coming in second after New York.

With regard to the country list, Cape Verde came in 3rd while Tanzania took place number eight. Lonely Planet wrote about the first destination: “Cape Verdeans might have known about the wider world forever, but it seems that the wider world is only just opening its eyes to Cape Verde (…) an archipelago that looks and feels as if it were born from a Caribbean mother and an African father. (…) Soaring mountains terraced in greens, a volcano with its head in the clouds, world-class water sports and sizzling, saucy festivals.”

Lonely Planet’s new book will be published in two language editions this year, in English and French. The travel guidebook was released in English on November 1, while the French edition will come out on November 18.

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