Australia’s Newcastle in the Top 10 Worldwide Must-See Destinations

Added by on November 3, 2010

Newcastle city located in Australia was ranked 9th in the top ten worldwide ‘must-see’ destinations recommended in Lonely Planet’s book “Best in Travel 2011”.

Travel editor from Lonely Planet, Shawn Low, stated that Australia’s famous cities such as capital Canberra, Sydney or Melbourne couldn’t have made the list since they’re “quite dull”.

Travel editor Shawn Low was also quoted in the “Best in Travel 2011” as saying that “The book aims to inspire travelers to pick lesser known cities to explore. We wanted to pick a destination that has a good thing about it that has been flying under the radar a bit. Newcastle is a great city”.

Newcastle has more than 100,000 visitors every year and recognition in this travel book is only set to make this number grow.

With a rich laid-back surf culture, great arts, amazing beaches and climate, all accompanied by fun night-life, Newcastle is a place to see for any tourist.

ABC News interviewed Sheridan Ferrier, executive manager at Tourism Hunter, and reported that the city is honored to receive this sort of recognition.

Other cities that took the other 9 open slots of the top 10 world’s ‘must-see’ destinations in the “Best in Travel 2011” book were New York (United States), Tel Aviv (Israel), Tangier (Morocco), Valencia (Spain), Ghent (Belgium), Wellington (New Zealand), Iquitos (Peru), New Delhi (India) and Chang Mai (Thailand).

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