Different Seasons in Antarctica Offer Different Travel Experiences

Added by on September 10, 2010

Antarctica, one of the world’s most sought-out travel destinations, is best to visit in the outer seasons, said Gap Adventures, a tour guide company. The most popular months for traveling to Antarctica are January and February, but travelers are advised to also travel later and earlier to experience amazing wildlife encounters and to see spectacular sceneries.

A good time to visit the Great White Continent is in November, at the beginning of the Austral summer. During this time, Antarctica doesn’t have a great load of tourists visiting and it’s a pristine destination, yet untouched by other travelers and the renowned pack ice is still intact, while giant icebergs aren’t melted either. The beginning of the season is the time during which wild life such as penguins and seabirds are mating and performing specific animal rituals which can be both seen and heard.

Another good time to visit Antarctica is the end of the season, in late February and the beginning of March. In these two months, travelers have the highest chances to spot Orca and Minke whales. Irrespectively of the time period tourists choose to visit the Great White Continent also known as Antarctica, they can admire immense icebergs and unique wildlife in the natural habitat.