Forecast about Top Travel Destinations during this Holiday Season

Added by on November 9, 2010

Trypology, an online travel referral service, reported that data published in its latest report, the Third Quarter Travel Trend, has indicated positive outlooks for travel for the soon-to-come winter season.

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Among the top destinations revealed by the referral service there were New York, Las Vegas and Honolulu.

Research published in the Third Quarter Travel Trend Report forecasted that the top holiday travel cities in 2010 will be Ft. Lauderdale, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Orlando and New York.

With regard to top give travel destinations, Trypology expects to see more travelers visiting the United States, Western Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and Mexico during 2010’s holiday season.

John T. Peters, the Vice President and General Manager of Rand McNally, part of Trypology, stated that the report revealed a positive travel forecast for this holiday season: “Overall our third quarter trend report reveals a very positive holiday and post-holiday travel outlook, based on the continued rise of consumer trip budgets compared to last year as well as the increase in advanced planning for trips.”

“Not only are consumers beginning to plan and book their vacations and post-holiday travel arrangements further out than they have in the past few years, but they are also willing to spend more money for a quality vacation experience — taking more time to plan a memorable trip, rather than waiting for last minute travel deals and slashed rates as was the big trend last year,” stated John T. Peters.

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