Haunted Prison to Host Internationally Renowned Event for 29 Days

Added by on September 12, 2010

Inside the walls of the Eastern State Penitentiary lies the biggest haunted attraction in the United States. The abandoned and massive haunted prison is located in Philadelphia, at 22nd Street and Fairmount Avenue, and was ranked by AOL the number one haunted house in America. The highest attraction at the Eastern State Penitentiary is the ‘Terror Behind the Walls’, an amazing theatrical production featuring incredible digital sound effects, high quality and Hollywood-like sets, accompanied by extraordinary animatronics and custom-designed props.

‘Terror Behind the Walls’ escaladed from a single-night event, which started in 1991, to an event that now lasts 29 whole days and for which tickets are being sold out way before the even event starts. Back in 2009, attendees comprised of haunted house fans and curious eyes from the UK, China and California. This made the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philly an international destination for tourists who seek thrills.

The overall setting for the ‘Terror Behind the Walls’ is as real and historical as it can be, consisting of a massive, abandoned prison with castle-like walls. In the past, the Eastern State Penitentiary was the most expensive prison in the world with a gothic structure and dramatic architecture, having fortress-like walls as high as 30 feet.

The ‘Terror Behind the Walls’ is set to run from September 17 throughout November 6 in the lost prison with empty guard towers and crumbling cellblocks, also known as the Eastern State Penitentiary, in Philadelphia.