Holidays in New Zealand to Help Earthquake Recovery

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Prime Minister Julian Gillard said that that in order to support New Zealand after the devastating earthquake that hit Christchurch, Australian could choose the Tasman region as a holiday destination.

Holidays in New Zealand to Help Earthquake Recovery

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The PM added that search and rescue operations are still being conducted in New Zealand after Tuesday’s 6.3 magnitude earthquake.

The Australian Prime Minister told Sky Television today that when the time of rebuilding work comes, Australians will want to keep supporting the SouthIsland citizens and that, at a certain point, they will be able to aid by heading to New Zealand for holiday.

Tony Abbott, the leader of the opposition, and OM Gillard headed over to Canberra today to visit the NZ High Commission and sign the condolence book. Ms Gillard said thereafter that she had conveyed sympathies on behalf of Australia, saying that the country will stand by New Zealand.

The Australian Prime Minister told her counterpart, John Key, that while 500 Australians were already helping with the recovery, more would be made available if needed. Ms Gillard stated that the support offered to New Zealand throughout the recovery following the earthquake represents the bonds between the two nations.

“It is Anzac spirit and Anzac bonds. Each time we respond to each other and help each other in time of need adds a new layer to that already really strong sense of partnership,” said Prime Minister Julia Gillard.


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