Latvia and Lithuania – Great Spots for Ethical Travel

Added by on January 23, 2010

The Ethical Traveler is an organization that works towards providing information to tourists and help them understand the social and environmental consequences of their travel decisions.

It also speaks of how travel can be used to boost diplomacy and how it seeks to act as a forum where travelers can serve the world community better.

In its report, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and other countries are ranked high as being the best places for ethical travel.

Ethical travel rank of the country is based on various numerous factors like the manner in which environment is protected, emphasis placed on social welfare and respect for human rights.

The above mentioned countries are ranked very high for their social welfare measures like reduction of child mortality.

However, the report of indicates that no single country can be described as perfect and that the above mentioned countries ought to do more for the protection of minorities in their country.

Latvia, Poland and Lithuania become the top ten along with other countries like Costa Rica, Uruguay and Argentina. Argentina, Poland and Estonia were present in the list in 2008 while Lithuania was present last year as well.

Currently, it is unclear how the Ethical Traveler classifies the country as a developing country and differentiates it from a developed country.

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