Nigeria to Be Promoted as a Travel Destination by Airways Company

Added by on November 15, 2010

Afriqiyah, an airways company in Nigeria, is planning to promote the country as a travel destination once the Libya embassy is opened.

The company’s general manager, Olugbenga Onotilo, stated that the airline company will begin to facilitate travel for both business people and tourists and travelers between Libya and Nigeria since both countries have many worthy tourist attractions.

The airline company is providing the main connection between Africa and Asia and Europe through the country Libya. “We are boosting the economic relations between the member countries of the African Union through providing direct and reliable connections with the major cities in the continent,” stated Mr. Onotilo.

Although Nigeria’s reputation isn’t so positive, the country can be a great travel destination for travelers from all around the world. Although Nigeria has both wealth and poverty, people have spent great vacations there. The magnificent Southern Nigeria still has that raw image that carries old customs such and making brass sculptures and bowing before ancient gods. ]

The Muslim Nigeria up north is also a place where tourists can reminisce and still see constant memories of the Saharan trade routes. As the land embraces the desert, Nigerian people are just as kind and welcoming towards visitors who come on quests to discover this unique African country.

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