Normal Life Hit in Europe as Snow and Winter Trouble Increases

Added by on December 21, 2010

There was chaos all over Europe as extremely low temperatures and excessively heavy snowfall led to numerous problems for administration and people alike. Some of Europe’s biggest airports were hit very hard by winter trouble.

Frankfurt, Europe’s busiest airport saw 400 scheduled flights being canceled. This was unavoidable despite the fact that this German financial hub had escaped the worst brunt of winter. Berlin saw more than a hundred flights canceled even as a dozen of flights were canceled in Netherlands.

Winter trouble did not spare other travelers either. In Netherlands, tunnels were blocked because of ice and accidents which led to difficulty in traveling by road.

Polish citizens had to suffer from not just nature’s wrath but also man made incompetence as new timetables for trains were introduced even as winter caused people to opt for relatively safer rail travel. This led to severe interruptions even as people were stranded in the middle of trips due to power outages.

Administration is worried that sustained low temperatures will lead to spike in demand for domestic heating oil. The waiting period is expected to climb to as high as 4 weeks if demand by domestic consumers does not ease up.

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