Philippines with the 7,000 Tropical Islands

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Philippines – the second biggest archipelago worldwide that has more than 7,000 tropical islands is a place that everyone must visit.

Being one of the most treasured places in southeastern Asia, the Philippines are many times avoided or overlooked by tourists because of their position on the ‘bad’ side of the South China Sea.

the thick jungle growth of southeast asia

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Nonetheless, the Philippines are some of the best places where you can discover amazing natural wonders. The coral-fringed islands would take your breath away.

If you have a more adventurous spirit, you can go swimming with the whale sharks or try some of the best diving in the world and visit the Coron wreck.

The Philippines also have a rich history and culture that makes them unique. Not to mention the amazing wildlife that populates the area. You can check out amazing and cute tarsiers that aren’t at all hard to find the Philippine forests.

Sunshine, coral reefs and pristine beaches come together in this south-east Asian area. Around here you won’t see Buddhist monks and temples, but you’ll be able to check out churches built out of coral stones and priests who continuously wave incense.

Also, if you come here during the holidays, you will find that the Philippines celebrate Christmas passionately, being second in line after the Vatican.

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