Travel Destinations – a Look into the Three Most Unique Spots Around

Added by on December 31, 2010

Not all destinations offer completely new and unique experience for travelers.

Jukkasjärvi in Sweden is a very famous destination for its ice hotels.

The entire hotel is made out of sculpted ice and is rebuilt every winter. There are many such hotels in different parts of the world in Canada and Romania, but Sweden remains a hot favorite.

Iceland is known as the land of Fire And Ice because it is possible for an individual to enjoy a hot bath in silica sludge as it is snowing outside.

With many luxury facilities available, it is possible to have a chilled drink in a hot bath when the temperature outside is plummeting below zero. This experience can be enjoyed in northern parts of Iceland.

The Azores, a collection of nine volcanic islands in the north Atlantic region offers natural beauty and numerous crater lakes.

The popular language is Portuguese but the region has a culture and cuisine that is not seen or matched anywhere else. Food is cooked by using the geothermal energy of the planet.

This naturally cooked food is transported in trucks and served in different restaurants. Needless to say, such a dish can never be tasted anywhere else.

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