TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Ski Rental Home Destinations Published

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TripAdvisor announced on Wednesday, December 1, the list it comprised for the top 10 ski rental home destinations.

The travel website included some of the best ski destinations in the United States which are said to offer a variety of vacation rentals for travelers and tourists.

Lake Tahoe on the Nevada, California border

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The first on TripAdvisor’s top ten rental home destinations was Mammoth Lakes, in California.

Apart from offering a variety of rental options, Mammoth Lake, located in the east of the Sierra region offers travelers the possibility of enjoying numerous winter sports such as snowboarding, skiing, sledding and snowshoeing, together with the possibility of getting warm and having some hot cocoa from the lodge.

The second ski rental home destination recommended by the travel website is Lake Tahoe, located on the state line between Nevada and California.

This destination is a great choice for tourists throughout the year, but during the winter, it offers even more possibilities for travelers who wish to enjoy a vacation during the cold season.

Lake Tahoe has numerous ski areas both cross country and downhill, but also offers fun sleigh rides and dog sledding and a few casinos for tourists who want to warm up and try their luck.

The third US destination included in the first three of the top ten ski rental home destination is located in Colorado. Breckenridge is a location that not only offers visitors a great number of ski resorts, but also spa options, together with great dining and shopping.

TripAdvisor recommends groups of four or more tourists to choose rental homes instead of other accommodation, saying that it can be cheaper by thousands of dollars for groups that spend at least one week on vacation.

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