$2.9 Billion Sales from Non-Retail Video Games

Added by on October 17, 2010

NDP, a research firm from the U.S., said on Friday that there were up to $2.9 billion sales in video games brought through social network websites, cell phones, subscription and downloads. The research shows that U.S. consumers spent the amount by June this year which is just the first half of it.

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This is the first time NDP is releasing data on non-retail video game sales and is even providing evidence of up to 40 percent more consumer expenditure than it was earlier stated.

The research shows that non-traditional sales have amounted to $2.9 billion with used video game sales included.

NDP is responsible for taking monthly sales data from video game stores whereby the data is later published.

Video game executives have however criticized the research firm for failing to take into account the new and improved ways at which video games are being sold.

There are many companies that depend solely on their video game sales. These companies have been displeased with the decreased sales number published by NPD.

NDP’s game president, David McQuillan said that the game industry is experiencing drastic changes and that the firm needed to change with the times.

Not many people are still using the same old traditional methods of purchasing video games, and there is a need to change with times.

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