Could New York be next after Wal-Mart Won Chicago?

Added by on October 13, 2010

Earlier this year, Wal-Mart Store Inc was allowed to open two more stores in Chicago. This has raised questions among many people asking whether this huge retailer company will end up winning rights in Manhattan as well.

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Remarks made by Wal-Mart’s Executive Vice President for Government Affairs and Corporate Relations, Leslie Dach, revealed that the company has gained a good reputation among officials and consumers.

He also said that critics have fruitlessly been targeting the retailer’s reputation complaining of how the company affects other retailers in the same field and how it handles its employees’ salary and benefits. This has made it easy for the company to win support on opening new stores.

Wal-Mart which is the world’s largest retailer got approval to open two new stores Chicago. This came after it won favor from a union group’s that was concerned over how it would handle the salaries.

Wal-Mart Associates Choir sang “My Kind of Town” introducing Dach to make his presentation.

The song originally sung by Frank Sinatra was a tribute the city where the two new stores would be set up. Right after he made his speech, the choir sung “New York, New York” which served as a hint on where the company is likely to hit next.

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