CSG Introduces Enterprise Security Business

Added by on February 10, 2014

CSG International, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSGS) a global provider of interactive transaction-driven solutions and services, today announced the worldwide launch of CSG Invotas, a new software and services business focused on enterprise security solution designed to help clients combat the increasing frequency, sophistication, and unpredictability of cyber attacks.

CSG Invotas said it offers CIOs and CISOs a revolutionary approach mitigate and eradicate threats. Instead of simply detecting and analyzing intrusions, the company says Invotas provides proven automation and orchestration solutions to respond in real time to emerging and ongoing cyber attacks.

For more than 30 years, according to the company, CSG has been a trusted partner to some of the world’s best-known brands in the communications services, financial services, government, transportation, and utilities sectors. CSG Invotas is rooted in the company’s DNA and builds on the proven technologies, expertise, and global delivery infrastructure CSG currently provides to more than 500 global clients.

“Our clients have witnessed a staggering rise in the number of cyber attacks and compromised data records, and they need partners that can support real-time security management,” said Peter Kalan, president and chief executive officer of CSG.

“Attacks unfold in the blink of an eye but can take months to be properly contained and eradicated. CSG Invotas enables our clients to respond to attacks in real time, providing increased levels of business assurance, continuity, efficiency, and risk management; decreased technology operations costs and the ability to protect mission-critical infrastructure continuously and securely,” added Kalan.

The company says traditional defense strategies are no longer sufficient to combat the onslaught of cyber threat and attack. CSG Invotas says it offers security practitioners an innovative alternative that uses adaptive, flexible automation and orchestration solutions to enable real-time responses and scalable change management.

A current example of possible cyber attacks is related to the Sochi Olympics: the US Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin on February 4 2014 warning “a number of hacktivist campaigns may attach themselves to the upcoming Olympics simply to take advantage of the on-looking audience.” Possible targets include websites groups believe are attached, even very remotely or perceived to promote, to the Olympics including coverage in any way.

“Given the vague nature of the targets of possible cyber attacks, attacks on just about any organization or website are possible during the Olympics, making defence and detection of cyber attacks critical,” said a security specialist.

About CSG Invotas

CSG Invotas brings CSG’s renown operational excellence to the enterprise security industry. It continues the company’s legacy of providing successful management and protection of financial information and sensitive consumer data across communications-carrier-grade networks. Each year, CSG manages eight trillion mediation events, penny-balances more than $36 billion in revenue, and processes 12 billion transactions on behalf of its clients.