More traffic for Twitter than MySpace

Added by on September 29, 2010

Twitter managed to lead MySpace being third among social networking sites ranking #50 in the top 50 properties overall, according to marketing research firm comScore.

The lead was marginal with 96 versus 95 million.

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Twitter grew with 76 percent while MySpace dropped 17 percent.

Using desktop software, or third-party interfaces, many of Twitters users rarely visit the website for accessing their tweets

so Twitter’s actual reach might be much higher than those numbers from comScore imply.

Both Twitter and MySpace look small next to Facebook, which reached almost 598 million uniques in one month, but it seems that is getting closer to Windows Live who
managed 140 million uniques.

Twitter had already cashed in on its users with Promoted Tweets, and now it will reach out to businesses with the “Promoted Accounts” system, which allows companies to buy visibility among their target market’s “Who to Follow” suggestions.

Enhanced by ZemantaTwitter was created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey.
An Email from Twitter, dating back to September 12th 2010 explained that the company would be expanding the roll-out of its service to its many users.
Twitter has been exploited, and had privacy issues over the years, but then none more so than any of the other major social networks available to the general public.