Steve Jobs Dismisses other Tablet Manufacturers as iPad Sales Halt

Added by on October 19, 2010

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs stated on Monday that manufacturers such as Dell and Samsung will soon be experiencing failure due to the fact that the 7inch tables will be too small for buyers’ needs.

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Apple has just experienced a slide in company shares, the biggest since 2008, which decreased by 6 per cent.

Steve Jobs stated that the tablets manufactured by competitors will be “DOA”, dead on arrival. Also, the Apple CEO felt the need to lash out at competitors such as Research in Motion.

The iPad has been very hard to acquire lately since the manufacturers couldn’t keep up with the demand. In Q4, 4.19 million iPad units were sold although analysts had estimates sales to be closer to 5 million units.

Sales are expected to go back up during the holiday season when Apple will restock its shelves.

The results of the iPad launch did not exceed the iPhone as gross margins fell short when compared to Apple’s touch-phone. iPhone sales took the biggest slate and made up a lot more of Apple’s sales and profit.

Investors however, stated that they were expecting more from the company that has continuously been smashing Wall Street targets for the past 2 years.

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