ZeekRewardsSuccess.com announces Skype support

Added by on December 18, 2011

ZeekRewardsSuccess says it is a great website with a successful team that provides training on how to succeed with ZeekRewards.

A spokesperson said Zeekrewards is the money making component of the Zeekler penny auction. According to the website, participants can get 20% on all auction customers that they refer.

A spokesperson said, “You get paid for simply posting a free ad each day, and this takes less than 10 minutes. When you join the ZeekRewards penny auction promotional program make sure that you join the best team at www.zeekrewardssuccess.com. We will provide Skype support to help you get started and make sure that you are successful. Come join us and start earning today with the daily company profit sharing program! Skype support is already launched, and we have also started including AIM support coming on December 20th!”

For more information contact the company at its website at www.zeekrewardssuccess.com