Content Services

Attract knowledgeable, informed customers to your products and services with targeted news and press releases.

Press Releases

Reach thousands of journalists, members of the industry by boosting awareness of your organization’s announcements about products, services, or achievements.

Press Release services include:

  • Distribution including placement on Google News
  • Press Release writing
  • Press Release editing and optimization

Targeted News Articles

Get your product or service in the mainstream news infront of thousands of people that are interested in solving their problem – possibly using products or services your organization offers!

Targeted news articles are like regular news articles about current events – except that your product or service is part of the article. You or someone you designate can be an expert our reporter consults for the article; or you can appoint someone to be your organization’s spokesperson that explains how your products or services relate to the article. It’s a novel and informative means reaching your audience in an unexpected way – via mainstream news.

Custom Content

Our staff are expert writers trained in various fields including technical, financial, as well as fields related to humanities. All of our journalists are native English speakers from countries like Canada, Australia, United States, and the United Kingdom. Since they are professional journalists, their content is not biased toward a particular culture or dialect of English resulting in a broad reach.

The Australian Eye News content services provide original, well researched content for your or your client’s needs. Our turnaround time ranges between 2-10 days, yet we deliver 70% of ¬†our orders in three days or less. Urgent (rush) service is available too.

Previous content topics include interent marketing, Search Engine Optimization, inbound marketing, opinion articles, current news events in business, healthcare, and a range of topics; technical content and series of articles ranging in topics including car and truck repair, fleet maintenance, technical product reviews, industry trends, and a vast range of subject areas.

Pricing starts at US$ 10 per 100 words; technical, heavily researched articles, and more specialized content is priced as provided on our order form.