‘Stop Attacks on Israel’ – Hamas to Other Militant Groups

Added by on January 8, 2011

After fears that an attack by Israel may result in another campaign similar to the twenty one day campaign that occurred in January, 2009, Hamas is asking other militant groups to shun violence for a while.

The last campaign caused death of 1,400 Palestinians and Hamas has initiated talks with other militant factions in Gaza strip to control the habit of firing rockets at Israel to avoid such a conflict again. Israel has responded to these attacks and reciprocal strikes have killed thirteen Palestinians, most of whom were gunmen.

This happened in the month of December. Israel acknowledges that Hamas had shunned violence in the past two years but insisted that it will have to do more to keep other militant groups under control.

Several Hamas leaders painted a gory picture stating that war in Gaza will lead to heavy casualties for Israel. However, there is acknowledgement that efforts should be directed towards rebuilding infrastructure that was damaged or destroyed in the conflict that took place in 2009.

Hamas does not enjoy western support for its unwillingness to recognize Israel as a state and unwillingness to promise that it will shun violence. It also refuses to accept existing Israel Palestine peace accords.

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