100 injured, possibly 2 dead in Boston blast

Added by on April 15, 2013

A bomb bast during the Boston Marathon kills at least 2 and injured about 100 / Photo from Reuters video

A bomb bast during the Boston Marathon kills at least 2 and injured about 100 / Photo from Reuters video

Two bomb blasts near the finish line of the well known Boston marathon injured at least 110 and possibly killed 2 people on Monday at approximately 19:00GMT/UTC.

The two bombs were located at the finish line and went off as a group of runners were arriving. The bombs where small packages, located within the spectators’ area. The bombs were possibly located in garbage cans.

Approximately 90 people have been injured, some reported to be gravely injured.

The US Department of Homeland Security has conformed the twin blasts are “a coordinated event”.

Authorities said they are monitoring international fights.

Authorities have determined that the explosions were not as a result of an infrastructure-related issue, like construction. The FBI said the explosions have been classified as terrorist attacks.

In a press conference, authorities said the do not know whether the terrorist attack is domestic or foreign; that hospitals in the area are under heavy guard; and authorities do not have anyone in custody.

Investigators say their initial findings are that the bombs did not use C4 or any other high grade explosives. Authorities say they have found two other explosive devices and are dismantling them.

At 22:46GTM/UTC authorities reported they found a fourth explosive device.

Six children and one adult are confirmed to be injured with serious, yet not life threatening, injuries at a local hospital. Eight people are considered to be in critical condition with 14 in serious condition.

One death is an 8 year old child.

President Obama said the necessary resources are being deployed- including national guard, police and firefighters.

“We do not know who did this or why…we will get to the bottom of this…We will find out who did this and why they did this,” said Obama in a press conference.

Obama did not confirm that the attack is a terrorist attack. Obama cautioned during the press conference that people should not jump to conclusions. Analysts say Obama may have more information not yet publicly available – which may indicate why terrorism was not confirmed.

Witnesses said the bomb blast was very loud and forceful – a firefighter said this is the worst explosion he has experienced and knew that it was not a cherry bomb or other device.

A witness about 30 feet from one of the blasts said they saw injuries like one person holding her neck and bleeding – possibly from glass shards. The witness said she saw a child with a badly injured leg.

A third explosion occurred at approximately the same time at the Kennedy Library. The explosion has not been confirmed to be connected to these attacks.

New York and Washington DC are among cities that are currently on high alert called Level 1 Mobilization.

The Boston Medical Center reports that most injuries hospitals are treating are leg injuries – authorities say that provides an indication of the type of explosive device used.

Boston is in the US state of Massachusetts where it was a holiday on Monday – Patriots Day.