Americans Concerned About High Blood Pressure

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Tatiana Louis of the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) together with Yechian Ostchega and Sung Sung Yoon compiled a survey about high blood pressure, released on Wednesday, which shows that approximately 30 per cent of Americans suffer from high blood pressure.

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This situation has remained unchanged for the last ten years, high blood pressure being seen as systolic blood pressure, also known as the top number over 140 and the diastolic, also known as the bottom number over 90.

These percentages haven’t changed and are still stable among women and men of all age groups regardless of gender, be it Mexican-America, non-Hispanic black and non-Hispanic white adults.

More people are receiving treatment for high blood pressure, an extremely common illness in the United States, and awareness is higher than ten years ago by almost 10 percent, while many more are taking drugs in order to treat it.

The survey of the National Health and Nutrition Examination shows that 48 per cent of adults suffering from high blood pressure are keeping it under control, as compared to over 10 years ago, when only 30 percent who had been diagnosed managed to keep it under control.

The survey was conducted after a rigorous health examination on more than 9000 people.

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