Cyber Command Now Operational to Protect Military Computer Networks

Added by on November 5, 2010

Cyber Command, military’s first line of defense in charge of protecting 15,000 military computerized networks from attacks, became fully operational today.

Defense Department began work on this unit after Deputy Defense Secretary spoke of over 100 foreign intelligence organizations trying to crack American networks.

The Deputy Secretary also spoke of some agencies already having the ability to disrupt infrastructure if necessary. The unit’s creation was ordered in June, 2009 and provides offensive and defensive capabilities to counter the threat.

The unit is headed by General Alexander, head of National Security Agency. The agency is the intelligence arm of Defense Department and is in charge of protecting sensitive information and intercepting foreign transmissions

The unit’s deployment assumes importance because computerized networks are an integral part of U.S. command structure.

The unit is based in Fort Meade, Maryland and is fully operational.  The unit began operating in May. An operations center was set up with personnel appointed for completing the transition process.

The unit operates under Strategic Command based in Nebraska which is also in charge of nuclear and space operations of America. The Strategic Command is also in charge of information warfare and provides global army intelligence in the country.

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