Denmark Bans Marmite

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Authorities in Denmark have stopped the selling of the popular Marmite spread under Danish legislation that places a ban on selling foods that contain added vitamins, since they are believed to pose a threat to public health.

Denmark Bans Marmite

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Although Marmite managed to go unnoticed for some seven years – after the legislation was passed in 2004 – the popular spread is now joining a list of many other well-known food brands that have also been taken off the Danish supermarket shelves, said the Telegraph newspaper.

Marmite was eventually tracked down by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration to a British specialty store in Copenhagen called Abigail’s. The owner of the store, Marianne Orum, has been informed she can no longer sell the product in her shop.

Orum said that, although she doesn’t eat Marmite herself, the spread was one of the best selling products in her store. “Not a day goes by without someone coming in and asking for it,” Orum told media.

Other well-know products and brands that British expats in Denmark have had to wave goodbye to include many popular breakfast cereals and powdered drink mixes, including Shreddies, Rice Crispies, Ovaltine and Horlicks.

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