Egypt Shark Attack Culprits Caught

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The two sharks that were behind the unprecedented attacks on swimmers off a popular beach resort have been caught, Egyptian authorities said on Thursday.

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The attacks, which were separate incidents, saw three Russians and one Ukrainian bitten by the sharks while swimming off Sharm el-Sheikh; a resort that attracts between three and four million tourists every year.

The individual sharks had reportedly been identified with the help of witnesses; the oceanic whitetip who was involved in the first attack was filmed by divers as he surfaced to attack the swimmers. The second shark was a short-finned mako; a slender blue shark recognized by its pointed snout.

Shark biologist Samuel Gruber said that mako sharks have been involved in previous attacks in the area; “Several years ago a German tourist had her breasts bit off. Very, very bizarre,” he told AFP.

What made the latest attacks stand out was that it is very unusual for a shark to attack more than one person in a day; even more, for that to happen two days in a row is almost a “Jaws scenario” Gruber said, referring to a 70’s horror about a serial killer great white.

Gruber added that trying to understand the cause behind a shark attack is “scientifically impossible”, but Governor Mohammed Abdel Fadil Shosha said he thought the attacks could be related to dead livestock being dumped by a ship nearby.

Magdi al-Alwani, environmental expert, said the sharks may have been forced closer to shore as a result of overfishing. Another possibility is that one, or both, was hit by a boat and ended up disoriented.

Shosha and Environment Minister Magid George are still debating the fate of one of the sharks; whether to release it back into the wild or whether to put it on display.

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