Facebook Revamp Gives Rise to Privacy Issues

Added by on December 13, 2010

Yet another Facebook revamp will expose even more user information, warns net security firm.

The revamp, which will encourage users to add more information to their personal profile, has been launched this week and is due to continue to be rolled our over coming weeks.

Net security firm, Sophoscautions, reported that the updated About page will now highlight the closest relationships and keenest interests of a user, something that previously was shown in a list, but not highlighted as particularly important.

They warn that this kind of, potentially sensitive, information will be made available to “friends” – who in reality often are complete strangers, and they encourage users to think twice about the kind of information they make available online.

The latest revamp is one of many privacy and content-control issues that Facebook has had to deal with, in particular over recent months following an update to their privacy policy at the end of last year.

For instance, online privacy firm, Garlik, has warned that the integration of the NHS Choices health information site into the Facebook Connect platform will allow tracking of users.

Some argue that the latest moved in inspired by the fact that more user information makes targeted advertising much more effective, and thus provides a significant incentive for advertisers.

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