Federal Communications Commission to Put an End to Shocking Phone Bills

Added by on October 15, 2010

The Federal Communications Commission is set to place rules that are meant to control the way phone companies handle their billing.

The rules set to be proposed on Thursday will put an end to shocking extra fees customers usually get from these services. Mobile phone companies will now have to send customers text messages before charging them fees not included in their plans.

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The new rules are meant to curb the rising numbers of the so-called “bill shock.”

Julius Genachowski, FCC chairman, said that the move is meant to make it easy for mobile phone users to control their monthly bills.

Now customers will be sent a text message when they near their limit and also when they are about to get charged on roaming charges above standard rates.

Mobile phone companies will also have to unveil tools that will help customers take control of their monthly usage under the new rules.

A survey undertaken earlier this year suggests that one out of every 60 mobile phone users has experienced “bill shock.” There have been complaints in the past of a high percentage of those affected getting charged up to $1000 above their standard monthly plan

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