First Gay Bishop to Retire in 2013 for Episcopate Anxiety

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Gene Robinson, the first bishop part of the US Episcopal Church who was open about his homosexual orientation, stated that he is planning to retire in 2013.

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The statement came on Saturday and could cause the end of differences between the global Anglican Communion.

Bishop Gene Robinson became the bishop of New Hampshire back in 2003, election that determined some conservative Episcopalians to form their own churches.

Robinson stated on the New Hampshire Diocese’s convention, which took place this year that everything that happened since his election has affected him.

“The fact is, the last seven years have taken their toll on me, my family, and you. Death threats, and the now-worldwide controversy surrounding your election of me, as bishop, have been a constant strain.

While I believe that these attitudes, mostly outside the Diocese, have not distracted me from my service to you, I would be less than honest if I didn’t say that they have certainly added a burden and certain anxiety to my episcopate.”

This May, the Episcopal Church comprising two million members decided to ordain Mary Douglas Galsspool from L.A., who was the second gay bishop.

The Episcopal Church, which is a branch of the Anglican Communion in the United States, ignored requests that came from the communion with regard to the bishop being ordained.

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