Girl Hospitalised after Eating Mother’s Drug-Tainted Noodles

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A US girl fell ill and had to be hospitalised after eating noodles prepared by her mother in a pot that allegedly had been used to make the drug PCP.

Girl Hospitalised after Eating Mother’s Drug-Tainted Noodles

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The five-year-old Connecticut girl is still in hospital since falling ill on Sunday, but her condition is said to be stable. She fell ill after eating noodles that contained traces of the powerful hallucinogen PCP which had remained in the saucepan used to cook the food.

It is said that the girl became confused and hyperactive, and started claiming that she had four noses.

Buddy Sangalli, director of the Connecticut Poison Centre, said although the girl had ingested very small amounts of the drug, they were enough to cause a severe reaction.

“A very small amount, about one to two milligrams, is all that’s required for poisoning with PCP, because it’s so potent,” Sangalli said.

ABC reported that the mother, 26-year-old Hope Broadi, had used the pot to make “wet” a mixture of PCP and embalming fluid. She has been charged with risk of injury to a minor.

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