Haiti Quake Anniversary – Still a Long Way from Recovery

Added by on January 8, 2011

The first anniversary of the 20 second earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010 is painting a bleak picture as a significant percentage of the population continues to live in tents and the country is still lacking in basic amenities and facilities.

This is the scenario despite the billions of dollars worth of the donation, aid, pledges, an army of private relief workers, diplomatic promises and a 12000 strong peacekeeping force from the United Nations.

The condition of the poorest country in the western hemisphere is raising disturbing questions about the ability of the global order to deal with the disasters of such a high magnitude. There is widespread pessimism as Haiti is still in the grip of cholera. The average man on the street has nothing good to say about the efforts as life continues to remain a persistent challenge.

On the other hand, government agencies and countries are interested in reeling of long lists of projects and approvals that they have offered to the country. The ground scenario remains different and that is the biggest cause of worry.

Citizens of this country are grateful for the efforts made but the fact that there still are damaged buildings hiding bodies and mounds of garbage and sewage lies in the open on the streets means that all attempts at self praise seem hollow.

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