Husband Accused of Honeymoon Murder

Added by on December 13, 2010

The British businessman who lost his wife in a carjacking during their honeymoon in South Africa is now accused of plotting her murder, a Cape Town court has heard.

Shrien Dewani and his wife of only two weeks, Anni, were hijacked on November 13 in one of Cape Town’s impoverished informal settlement.

The recent accusation comes from Zola Tongo, the taxi driver hired by the couple on the day of the attack, who in a plea bargain deal told the Western Cape High Court that he had been paid R15,000 (£1,300) by Mr Dewani to arrange the killing of his wife.

Tongo’s lawyer said the driver had taken the couple from Cape Town International Airport to their hotel on Friday Nov 12. Tongo recalled: “After we arrived at the hotel, Shrien Dewani approached me alone and asked me if I knew anyone that could ‘have a client of his taken off the scene”. He added: “We agreed that Shrien Dewani and I would be ejected from the vehicle and that the female occupant had to be killed.”

According to Max Clifford, Mr Dewani’s publicist, the accusation is ludicrous and “As far as we are concerned it is beyond doubt that the driver is just trying to save his own skin.”

Three men have been charged with murder, aggravated robbery and kidnapping. Tongo has been sentenced to 18 years imprisonment and is expected as state witness when the other two go on trial next year.

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