IISS Thinks Iran Might Build Nuclear Weapon in about Two Years

Added by on February 6, 2011

The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) stated on Thursday that Iran could, if it wanted, to build a nuclear weapon in about 1-2 years. The institute said that the evidence indicating this is unquestionable and that the country could make a nuclear weapon if its leaders decided so.

The IISS report entitled “Iran’s nuclear, chemical and biological capabilities” said that it’s not certain whether Iran has worked on biological and/or chemical weapons which are prohibited, since the public information available may have been exaggerated.

The report of the institute, which is 128 pages long, also indicated that the nuclear program in Iran may have stumbled and slowed down because of the Stuxnet computer worm.

The country stated with regard to this issue that the worm had infected some of its computers from the nuclear plant, without affecting its activity in any way.

The Stuxnet worm was believed to have been created by experts from Israel or the West. Moreover, it’s widely known that the west has fought side by side with intelligence agencies in order to prevent Tehran from importing materials which would be needed to build a nuclear bomb.

The conclusions of IISS’s most recent report on Iran are not far from previous estimations, which anticipated that Iran could have built a nuclear bomb by the end of 2010.

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