Indonesian Volcano Erupts Again to Double Casualties Number

Added by on November 7, 2010

On Friday, the volcano Mount Merapi in Indonesia erupted once again while the area surrounding it was covered in ash.

Another 39 people were killed, upping the number of volcano eruption casualties to over 80. Eruptions that went on during the last 10 days forced over 75,000 people out of their homes as Mount Merapy volcano is located in Central Java, on the outskirts of Yogykarta city.

Mount Merbabu and Mount Merapi

Image by Taekwonweirdo via Flickr

The Indonesian Director for reduction of disaster risks at the National Disaster Mitigation Agency stated that the number of people killed in the last eruption was significant.

In the last 24 hours, rescue teams have found 39 lifeless bodies which increased the number of casualties to 83. Also, the number of people injured increased from 119 to 185 according to what the Indonesian director told Reuters.

The crater of Mount Merapi released loads of ash that floated about 4 kilometers above it. Seeing the unexpected behavior of this volcano, authorities took precaution measures and started evacuating all villages within a 20 kilometers radius.

A photographer from Reuters who was near-by the area when the volcano erupted stated that he saw people with blackened burns who had their clothes “melted onto their skin”.

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