Intimate Khan and Clarkson Photos Denied

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Jemima Khan has strongly denied she attempted to stop the press leaking intimate pictures of her with Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson.

Intimate Khan and Clarkson Photos Denied

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The British socialite was accused of taking out a ‘super injunction’ to prevent the media making her sexual indiscretions public.

One Twitter user has been publishing details of celebrities they claim have been successful in winning super-injunctions.

“OMG- Rumour that I have a super injunction preventing publication of “intimate” photos of me and Jeremy Clarkson. NOT TRUE!,” she tweeted last night.  She also wrote she had received supportive text messages from both Clarkson and his wife after the false allegations.

“I hope the people who made this story up realise that my sons will be bullied at school because of it. Plus I’m getting vile hate tweets,” she wrote last night.


She says she is especially worried about her 14-year-old son who is “painfully shy”.

The fact the media have printed Khan’s name confirms she has not taken out an injunction. The court order, which cost about $150,000, not only prevents the media from reporting on the details of a story, but also on the fact a super injunction even exists.

The ability of the mystery Twitter user to publish such confidential information has raised doubts concerning the credibility of the super injunctions.

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