Mideast Peace Set to Restart as Soon as US Officials Return after Holidays

Added by on December 26, 2010

The talks between Israel and Palestinian, which had collapsed last year over the issue of building of Jewish settlements in an occupied portions of West Bank, is the expected to restart after senior American officials land to kick start the process.

This information was provided by Israeli Prime Minister who said that the Middle East aide Dennis Ross and other officials were expected to land in Israel later this week. The Prime Minister is in the process of initiating talks with Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.

The Prime Minister made all the right noises and spoke of strengthening peace and security.  He also spoke to the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Israeli parliament and accused Palestinians of stalling the peace process.

He opined that refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state was the principal problem with the progress of peace talks to a logical conclusion.

The Palestinian president also commented on the peace process but insisted that stopping construction in the occupied land was important before peace talks restart. Palestine fears that these settlements will prevent them from having a viable and contiguous state, if and when, peace talks reached a final solution.

Israel has refused such preconditions before the talks.

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