Muslim Population Doubles in the United States

Added by on January 29, 2011

Studies released today state that one-fourth of the world’s population shall consist of Muslims by the year 2030. By this time, the Muslims in the United States will increase more than twice their current number.

These remarkable findings were revealed by the first comprehensive research named “The Future of The Global Muslim Population” which was conducted on the Muslims of the world. Research has found that the number of the Muslims is increasing at a rate faster than any other groups combined in the world.

The outreach director in a mosque situated in Falls Church, VA, Imam Johari Abd-ul-Malik, expressed that he and his fellow Muslim friends were not surprised with the findings of the report as their schools and mosques were already flooding with the increasing number of Muslims.

The two reasons for the increasing numbers are the increased rates of immigration of Muslims in the United States and the relatively higher birth rate in the Muslims.

The report projected that due to the above two reasons, the number of Muslims in the US will increase from a small minority now, about 1% of the total population, to 1.7%. The report also projected that the most of the immigrants in the US would belong to Africa, Middle East and South Asia.

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