North Korea Spends a Third of Its National Income on the Military, KIDA says

Added by on January 23, 2011

The South Korean Institute of Defense Analyses (KIDA) stated on Tuesday in a report that a third of North Korea’s national income goes into the military. This report contradicts the official numbers put out by the North, which said back in 2009 that it only spent $570 with this matter.

KIDA now says that the true number is as high as $8.77bn, whereas the North Korean gross national income was $25bn back in 2009, while South Korea’s amounted no less than $958bn, according to the same report.

The same institute believes that Kim Jong-il, the North Korean leaders, has a policy which puts the military ahead of the country’s closed and fragile economy.

KIDA’s report indicates that the North has continuously increased its spending with the military in spite of the economic crisis which hit the country in the 90s and the downfall that the country has experienced once again in the 21st century.

KIDA’s calculations were based on the currency exchange rate used by the North to purchase power and the results show a number up to 15 times greater than the one announced by the country in 2009.

In 2010, the peninsula saw tension rise at its peak of the latest years after the two attacks on South Korea and after the North announced that it begun working on a new program of enriching uranium, which it would lead it to another possibility of creating a nuclear bomb.

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