Four confirmed dead in Ukrane crash landing

Added by on February 13, 2013

Flight YG-8971, seen from the rear, after a crash landing in Donetsk, Ukraine

Flight YG-8971, seen from the rear, after a crash landing in Donetsk, Ukraine

[updated] At least 4 passengers are reported dead after a Ukrainian South Airlines twin turboprop plane made a crash landing in Donetsk, Ukraine on Wednesday.

Flight YG-8971 from Odessa to Donetsk, Ukraine had 39 passengers on board when the crash landing occurred.

Reports say the plane overshot the end of the runway and continued into a field having soft ground. The plane’s undercarriage collapsed and the plane turned upside down and broke into three parts.
“Those dead have not been identified – bodies sustained severe burns. There are a lot of injured,” Ukraine’s emergency service confirmed in its statement.

Ground observers reported the aircraft was attempting to land in dense fog and touched down on soft ground between main runway and taxiway.

Several ambulances have been sent to the airport with at least two people taken to local hospital.

Weather conditions officially reported at the time of the crash were foggy with vertical visibility of 30m, east wind at approximately 7km/h, and temperature of one degree Celsius. The runway was reported to be wet with a depth of less than 1mm.

The aircraft was taking soccer fans to Donetsk who wanted to attend the Champions League match between Schachtar Donetsk and Borussia Dortmund and was scheduled to land at 18:30L.

The Antonov AN-24 has a capacity of four crew and 50 passengers; the model AN-24 has been in production since 1957, with approximately 880 planes in service around the world.