One of the 33 Rescued Chilean Miners to Run for NYC Marathon

Added by on November 8, 2010

Edison Pena, one of the 33 Chilean Miners rescued last month, stated that he plans to run this Sunday the New York City marathon. Pena, who was trapped together with his co-workers in the mine for 69 days, was the 12th miner to be brought to the surface.

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 04:  Rescued Chilean miner...

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The Chilean miner said that while he was down in the mine, waiting to be rescued, he ran 6 miles every day in cut-down boots so that he could be anxiety.

Pena received a pair of sneakers from rescuers while he was below the surface to replace the boots.

Miner Edison further stated during a conference in New York that he “was running for life” while he was trapped in the dark mine because he didn’t want to wait around doing nothing while waiting to be rescued, and that he tried to show God that he truly wanted to live.

The NYC marathon is organized by the New York Road Runners who had invited miner Edison Pena to be a guest at the Race. Pena however accepted the invitation as a runner, not as guest, and said that he wants to show the world he can run it.

The miner is hoping to run the 26.2 miles in around 6 hours.

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