Personal details of alleged EDL members posted online

Added by on May 29, 2013


A group of computer hackers called Anonymous allegedly posted online the contact information of UK English Defense League members.

A list apparently showing the contact information of English Defense League members was published online on Wednesday.

The listing was posted today by a group claiming to be part of a hacking network referred to as Anonymous.

Names and addresses of at least 200 people from all over the UK country are in the list.

The group called Anonymous UK may have participated in the collection and publication of information that incorporates the mobile phone numbers of people it asserts to be senior members of the EDL.

The posting by Anonymous said the EDL “should have expected this” and also notified it to “expect more”.

The publication followed an audio message, recorded with a computerized voice and released on YouTube, from Anonymous UK to the EDL that accused the far-right group of taking “advantage of moments of fear and terror to spread hatred and animosity”.

The audio message equated the EDL to a “pack of raving ignoramuses” and also stated the group’s “constant belligerence” would further “only bigotry and segregation”.

The EDL responded with a recorded message, also posted on YouTube, in part saying, “We see you threaten everyone you don’t like for your own reasons and then take action when it is easy and do nothing when it isn’t.”

The EDL has conducted numerous protests since the passing away of Drummer Lee Rigby, the soldier who was murdered in Woolwich, south-east London, last week.

It is unclear whether individuals detailed are truly members of the EDL.

More than 1,000 EDL protesters gathered in London on Monday and were addressed by EDL leader Tommy Robinson.

A similar list of names of alleged British National Party members, published in 2008, incorporated several individuals who turned out not to be members.

Scotland Yard, also referred to as the Met – the London Metropolitan Police Force – said 13 people were apprehended for public order offences.

The English Defense League is describes itself as an inclusive movement dedicated to peacefully protesting against Islamic extremism in the United Kingdom.