Progress rocket crashes in Siberia

Added by on August 24, 2011

Progress Rocket Launch / Tsenki TV

An unmanned Russian supply space ship crashed on Wednesday, during its journey to deliver supplies to the International Space Station; the spacecraft failed to reach its planned orbit.

The spaceship, launched by Russia’s 44th launch of its Progress rocket, was stocked with 2.5 tons of supplies that include oxygen, fuel, and food. An official in the region of the downed spacecraft is reported to have said that parts of the spacecraft fell in an area about 1 500km northeast of the launch site and said that the explosion was felt up to 100km away.

An unnamed official at the Russian space agency said the accident occurred during the rocket’s third stage rocket firing, about five minutes after launch. NASA officials are reported to have said that the upper stage did not separate from the spacecraft when it reached orbit.

The six astronauts on board the International Space station are reported to have enough supplies to last about three months, said a NASA spokesman. As a result, said the NASA official, they do not expect any immediate impact to the space crew as a result of not receiving the supplies.

No injuries reported in the areas that reported to have seen debris in their areas; however, investigations continue.